Available in Clear and Colours

AJ Project Consultants Pure Nano SP25, SP33 and SP40 has been specifically engineered for all types of cement and masonry. Due to our products unique Nano size, it penetrates the relevant substrates by filling the microscopic pours and during this process removes the existing moisture and oxygen.

By removing the moisture and oxygen embedded in the cement or masonry microscopic pours, it will ensure maximum protection against decay and corrosion.

Pure Nano

Cement & Masonry Range Benefits:

  • Prevents against decay and corrosion
  • Ideal for waterproofing by creating a waterproof seal
  • Protects against bacterial and fungal growth
  • Weather and U.V resistant
  • Fast drying
  • Easy application with paint brush, mohair roller or spray system
  • No intensive surface preparation
  • Up to 7 years maintenance free protection by applying 3 coats

AJ Project Consultants Pure Nano SP28 has been developed for industries that face highly corrosive environments and can withstand most chemicals. The SP28 can withstand acids that range from pH 0 – 13 levels. The Nano SP28 has superior protection against Bacterial and fungal growth. Nano SP42 Colours are available for Top Coats, that has the same benefits as SP28.

AJ Project Consultants Pure Nano technology has developed products that are durable and long lasting that will protect your valuable assets and reduce yearly maintenance costs.

AJ Project Consultants  offers application services, conducted and managed on site by our trained teams. Please feel free to contact us for an official quote.