The Ultimate in Corrosion Protection Coatings
Spread Rate

Environ spread rate tests on raw plaster have proven to be outstanding.

  • Environ Plaster Primer of 5 to 7 SQM/LTR
  • Environ Paint Top Coats of 9 to 11 SQM/LTR

Environ Paint’s Recommended Application

  • Raw Plaster – 1 Coat of Environ Plaster Primer and Maximum 2 Coats of Environ Paint’s Top Coat
  • Painted Surfaces – 1 Coat of Environ Plaster Primer and 1 Coat of Environ Paint’s Top Coat
  • Applicators – Fine Hair Brush – Fine Hair Roller – Spray

Environ Protective Paint for Concrete, Plaster, Brick & Tiles

  • Environ Paint is Water based and Environmentally Friendly
  • No Volatile Organic Compound – No VOC’s
  • Environ Forms a Uniform, Resilient Elastic Surface
  • Primer Coat, Intermediate and Top Coat Film Will Not Crack When Dry
  • Environ paints are Both Interior and Exterior in One Paint
  • Available in All Colours
  • Drying Time of 30 Minutes to 1 Hour Between Coats
  • 10 Years Exterior U.V. Resistant, Will Not Crack or Fade
  • 15 years Interior, Washable and Scratch Resistant
  • Anti-Fungal and Protects Against Algea Growth
    • Environ paint Cost Saving is Realised by Using Less Paint, Because of The Outstanding Spread Rate and HighCoverage Achieved.
    • Typically Competitor’s Products Require 2 Coats of Primer and 3 to 4 Coats of Top Coats. Environ paints Require Half the Number of Coats.
    • The Drying Time of 30 Minutes to 1 Hour Between Coats Greatly Reduces the labour Coats Due to Turnaround Time.
    • The Environ Uniform Elastic Top Coat Film Ensures The Highest Quality Surface Finish to The Look and Touch.